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Turnigy Graphene 1300 4S (65C) vs CNHL 1300 4S (100C)

Here’s comparison discharge for three Turnigy Graphene batteries compared to CNHL battery. All batteries were fully charged and not used before. The discharge was done with constant 1 ohm load which means 200W of average discharge power. Graphene discharge data is one year ago (February 2017).

Constant 1 ohm discharge, 4S 1300mAh, approx 200W of power

Flight tests, running on T-Motor F60 2200kv and Cyclone T5050C. I estimate the full throttle amperage to be 80A max (because the voltage drops to 12.5V which is 3.1V per cell). Here’s video from punch made with fully charged battery:

Reset NVRAM and SMC

Turn off, turn on, immediately press these 20 seconds:
Computer restarts few times during this operation.

Shut down and unplug power. Hold the Shift, Option, and Control keys on the left side and press the power button and hold keys for 10 seconds, then release.

Musical scales / steps between

2122131;Harmonic Minor
2122221;Melodic Minor
23223;Pentatonic Major
32232;Pentatonic Minor
32113;Pentatonic Blues
2323;Pentatonic Neutral
1212121;Dim half
2121212;Dim whole
2131212;Roumanian Minor
1312122;Spanish Gypsy
1312131;Double Harmonic
12111222;Eight Tone Spanish
222211;Leading Whole Tone
2222121;Lydian Augmented
1222221;Neoploitan Major
1222122;Neopolitan Minor
132312;Prometheus Neopolitan
131313;Six Tone Symmetrical
1212222;Super Locrian
2221122;Lydian Minor
2131122;Lydian Diminished
211211121;Nine Tone Scale
21212121;Auxiliary Diminished
222222;Auxiliary Augmented
12121212;Auxiliary Diminished Blues
2211222;Major Locrian
1212222;Diminished Whole Tone
2122122;Pure Minor
232212;Dominant 7th

Chords in minor scale

Minor scale chords

Columns: First 7 columns are notes in scale (first column is the scale key). Next 7 columns are chords in that scale.


What does Chorus and Flanger do?

Chorus samples the input, slightly detunes it and mixes it with the original signal to produce a somewhat thicker, shimmering sound. Use it to thicken up background vocals, or to double the sound of brass and woodwind instruments. (source Behringer DeepMind 12 manual) The effect can be achieved by using multiple, slightly detuned oscillators for each note (source).
Flanger emulates the phase-shifting sound (comb-filtering) originally created by applying pressure against the flange of the reel on a tape recorder. This effect creates a unique “wobbly” sound that is quite dramatic when used on vocals and instruments. (source Behringer DeepMind 12 manual). From wikipedia: Flanging /ˈflændʒɪŋ/ is an audio effect produced by mixing two identical signals together, one signal delayed by a small and gradually changing period, usually smaller than 20 milliseconds. This produces a swept comb filter effect: peaks and notches are produced in the resulting frequency spectrum, related to each other in a linear harmonic series. Varying the time delay causes these to sweep up and down the frequency spectrum. A flanger is an effects unit that creates this effect.

Rant: my Apple fanboyism is starting to crack

Really, really annoying things with Apple products, every day:

– My iPhone 6S has battery malfunction (shuts down at 40% of battery level and refuses to start) and is under warranty change. However the repair shops cannot get the batteries because of high demand. Apple calls this issue affecting small amount of iPhones. I doubt it.
– Using “night mode” which mutes the iPhone automatically during night. However when plugging the charging cable makes “pling” noise when everything else is muted. Really nice because when rest of family is sleeping and you want to charge overnight.
– Forget to put the phone on charging. Wakes me up at morning still, good boy. To shut off the alert I need to enter my 6 digit passcode (because the phone rebooted). Why I need to enter passcode on reboot? Isn’t the fingerprint scanning enough secure?! Trying to tap the passcode without eyeglasses immediately when woken up is like a nasty test.
– Apple releases new Macbook (finally) and I was waiting to replace my old Macbook with brand new. Apple raises prices and removes USB ports and SD card slot on new model. Well played, Apple.
– I purchase previous model Macbook because of previous issue and think 128GB is enough for the “internal” SSD. I was wrong, installed Xcode and constantly running out of disk. Irritating me with nags. The internal SSD cannot be replaced. Need to use external hard disks.
– My iPad wants to make OS upgrade but I don’t want to do it. Asks it every day. With two dialogs. I. DON’T. WANT. TO. UPDATE. PLEASE. LET. ME. CONTINUE. Solution: there isn’t any real solution, but you can hack it.

Next laptop: back to Windows? Really?!