Analog Four on mobile power / battery

This probably works also on Analog Keys, Rytm, Octatrack .. Anything that takes in 12V :)

Needed components:

– A DC adjustable step up booster – this steps up the voltage from even 3.3V to adjusted output voltage (potentiometer). If you exceed the adjusted output in input, the output voltage will be the same as the input voltage.

– The power plug behind Elektron Analog Four is a DC plug 5.5mm, inner diameter 2.5mm. It says “12V 2A” but generally the current is 1A.

You could basically power the A4 from two AA cell batteries but I guess you cannot get that much current from AA batteries. I’m using RC model LiPo battery (2 cell).

Measured currents:

DC stepup input voltage Current
12 V 1 A
9 V 1,54 A
7.3 V 2 A


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