Problems flashing Turnigy 9X with USBTiny?

I couldn’t flash my Turnigy 9X with Ladyada’s USBTinyISP (ver 2) until I found a solution

“I think you will find that your Device signature = 0x000000 problem is shared between the programmer and the Turnigy 9x. The Ladyada USB (known to avrdude as usbtiny) programmer schematic shows 1k5 short circuit protection resistors in the SCK and MOSI programming lines. I suspect that your programmer has the same circuit. The Turnigy 9X has 200R and .1uF capaitors on these lines to debounce the button inputs to the ATMega64. Unfortunately the debounce circuit slows down the programming pulses and prevents programming. Reducing the two 1k5 resistor values in the programmer to 100R fixes the problem, but so does choosing a different programmer!
I tried slowing down the programmer with -B option, but could not get the pulses slow enough.”


Changed those resistors to 100 ohm and flashing worked. However first write failed the read verification set but retry gave 100% correct.

Good source: