Goodbye Spotify

After almost two years of paying premium account I’ve decided to detach from Spotify and start buying music in CD-format.


Spotify updates itself without asking user permission. There is no way to even turn it off from the application. Why it bothers me? It’s a serious security risk. Spotify can plant any code on my machine. Probably they won’t plant any harmless functionality but think about if someone breaks into Spotify’s update system? Too easy to distribute any kind of malicious code.

Spotify adds cluttering features and redesigns UI too often. In latest update Spotify was one click away from sending my local mp3’s to Spotify. Actually based on my first rant it could have done it automatically based on their attitude and respect on users.

Spotify doesn’t pay artist enough. Yeah, I know what you’re saying: artist can decide if they want to publish music on spotify or not. I wish it was that simple.

Spotify redirects all paying customers to ask in but fails to answer to questions. I’m paying 9,99€ per month and I wish they would have bothered to answer to my concern there but no. I’m paying customer and I think I can demand customer service. But nada. And I’m not the only one, go ahead and look.

So thanks but no thanks. I try to stick to owning the music I want to listen and not walk in a leash of Spotify and follow their rules. It’s my money.