Betaflight 3.4 filter parameters

CLI parameter name default value in 3.4
gyro_hardware_lpf NORMAL Filter at the gyro (hardware).
Previously called “gyro_lpf”.
Choices are NORMAL / ADVANCED.
NORMAL = Filter starts from ~250Hz at 8kHz.
More info
gyro_32khz_hardware_lpf NORMAL
gyro_lowpass_hz 90 aka “Gyro lowpass 1”.
Last in the signal chain for PID (P/I terms, D has filters/notches).Suggested values for gyro_lowpass_hz: Default / Optimal flight performance: 100, Slightly noisy setup: 80,  Very noisy: 50Can be replaced with gyro_lowpass2_hz (with BIQUAD_RC_FIR2 type)
gyro_lowpass_order 1
gyro_lowpass2_type PT1 Lowpass 2 is right after hardware filter in the signal chain.
gyro_lowpass2_hz 0
gyro_lowpass2_order 1
gyro_notch1_hz 400 Suggested to disable
gyro_notch1_cutoff 300
gyro_notch2_hz 200 Suggested to disable
gyro_notch2_cutoff 100
dterm_lowpass_type BIQUAD Suggested to change to PT1 if used.
Lowpass 1 is feeding signal to dterm chain.Note: profile specific
dterm_lowpass_hz 100 “Dterm lowpass is always needed. Never remove that! Even on the cleanest setup.”
Note: profile specific
dterm_lowpass2_hz 0 “Modelling and logging shows significant reductions in higher frequency Dterm noise with only minor additional delay. Having a configurable setpoint allows the user to tune the least filtering that provides adequate noise reduction.The biquad will provide very effective filtering but greater delay.”More info

Note: profile specific

dterm_notch_hz 260 Can be disabled on clean setups.
Note: profile specific
dterm_notch_cutoff 160 Note: profile specific