Eagle PCB CAD tips & remember -list

– Remember to run ERC & DRC! Not kidding! Check out for unconnected pins, nets with only one connection!
– Use label on schematic on ALL signals!
– Use command “show gnd” or “show vcc” to inspect the basic connections on board view

When using microcontroller:
– 100nF (equal to 0.1uF) capacitor from uC VCC to GND, place near the uC!
– Atmega328 reset pin pull-up to VCC with 10k resistor
– Capacitor to reset pin; 100nF (0.1uF) capacitor from uC RESET to GND

I2C: pin order: VCC, GND, SCL, SDA
FTDI-port (microcontroller side): GND, GND, VCC, uC’s RX, uC’s TX, DTR (goes to 0.1uF in series, then to reset pin of uC)

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