Goodbye Spotify

After almost two years of paying premium account I’ve decided to detach from Spotify and start buying music in CD-format.


Spotify updates itself without asking user permission. There is no way to even turn it off from the application. Why it bothers me? It’s a serious security risk. Spotify can plant any code on my machine. Probably they won’t plant any harmless functionality but think about if someone breaks into Spotify’s update system? Too easy to distribute any kind of malicious code.

Spotify adds cluttering features and redesigns UI too often. In latest update Spotify was one click away from sending my local mp3’s to Spotify. Actually based on my first rant it could have done it automatically based on their attitude and respect on users.

Spotify doesn’t pay artist enough. Yeah, I know what you’re saying: artist can decide if they want to publish music on spotify or not. I wish it was that simple.

Spotify redirects all paying customers to ask in but fails to answer to questions. I’m paying 9,99€ per month and I wish they would have bothered to answer to my concern there but no. I’m paying customer and I think I can demand customer service. But nada. And I’m not the only one, go ahead and look.

So thanks but no thanks. I try to stick to owning the music I want to listen and not walk in a leash of Spotify and follow their rules. It’s my money.

Better colors for Arduino IDE

With just small changes you can make Arduino IDE better for your eyes. Try this, change theme.txt that is located in /Applications/, dunno about Windows.

status.notice.fgcolor = #000000
status.notice.bgcolor = #54919e
status.error.fgcolor = #ffffff
status.error.bgcolor = #662000
status.edit.fgcolor = #000000
status.edit.bgcolor = #cc9900
status.font = SansSerif,plain,12

# settings for the tabs at the top
# (tab images are stored in the lib/theme folder)
header.bgcolor = #216886
header.text.selected.color = #1a1a00
header.text.unselected.color = #ffffff
header.text.font = SansSerif,plain,12

console.font = Monospaced,plain,11
console.font.macosx = Monaco,plain,10
console.color = #000000
console.output.color = #cccccc
console.error.color = #ff3000

buttons.bgcolor = #044f6f
buttons.status.font = SansSerif,plain,12
buttons.status.color = #ffffff

linestatus.color = #ffffff
linestatus.bgcolor = #044f6f


# foreground and background colors
editor.fgcolor = #ffffff
editor.bgcolor = #000000

# highlight for the current line
# highlight for the current line

# caret blinking and caret color
editor.caret.color = #FF00FF

# color to be used for background when ‘external editor’ enabled
editor.external.bgcolor = #c8d2dc

# selection color
editor.selection.color = #888888

# area that’s not in use by the text (replaced with tildes) = #7e7e7e,bold

# little pooties at the end of lines that show where they finish
editor.eolmarkers = false
editor.eolmarkers.color = #999999

# bracket/brace highlighting
editor.brackethighlight = true
editor.brackethighlight.color = #FF0000


# e.g abstract, final, private = #00FFFF,plain

# e.g. beginShape, point, line = #00FFFF,plain

# e.g. byte, char, short, color = #FF00FF,bold


# constants: e.g. null, true, this, RGB, TWO_PI = #5599CC,plain

# p5 built in variables: e.g. mouseX, width, pixels = #00FFFF,plain

# e.g. + – = / = #00FFFF,plain

# ?? maybe this is for words followed by a colon
# like in case statements or goto = #7e7e7e,bold

# TEXT – COMMENTS = #7e7e7e,plain = #7e7e7e,plain

# LINE STATUS – editor line number status bar at the bottom of the screen
linestatus.font = SansSerif,plain,10
linestatus.height = 20

BenQ M23 loosing network

If your BenQ M23 GSM module is losing network or doesn’t stay in the network you might have to register it to network with command:


Where 24405 is the “numeric format is the GSM Location Area Identification number which consists of a three BCD digit country code coded as in ITU-T E.212 Annex A[10], plus a two BCD digit network code, which is administration specific”.

You can get LAC number by commanding:


(and wait for 10 seconds or so..)

Reset Arduino programmatically

This code resets Arduino – in-line – in program, whenever called. Ugly, but works.

// definition
void(* resetFunc) (void) = 0; //declare reset function @ address 0


433 MHz receiver and NewSoftSerial

If you’re having problem with NewSoftSerial versus SoftwareSerial when using 434 MHz (433.92MHz) – receiver, it’s because the receiver cannot pull down the RX pin on your arduino. The library changes the input pin to be pull-up when non-inversion is used.

Change the library in following manner:


void NewSoftSerial::setRX(uint8_t rx)
pinMode(rx, INPUT);
if (!_inverse_logic)
digitalWrite(rx, HIGH); // pullup for normal logic!
_receivePin = rx;
_receiveBitMask = digitalPinToBitMask(rx);
uint8_t port = digitalPinToPort(rx);
_receivePortRegister = portInputRegister(port);

More info :

Barometer units

1 atmosphere => 29.92 in Hg /760 mm Hg => 1.01325 bar => 1013.25 mb => 101.325 kPa => 1013.25 hPa

1 mb = 100 Pa = 0.1 kPa = 1 hPa = 0.0295 inches Hg = 0.75 mm Hg.


Howto: Safari cookies – Session only

If you want to block Safari from remembering your cookies (and you should if you care about your privacy) you can force Safari from writing cookies to file with following steps:

1) Quit Safari
2) Remove the Cookies-file from /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Cookies. The file is called Cookies.plist
3) Open Safari and visit some random page that uses Cookies
4) Now you should have the Cookies.plist file again in the folder
5) Open the Cookies.plist in Finder “Get Info” and choose “Locked”

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